Momentum Makes New Tab Page Beautiful and Useful in Firefox and Chrome

All the modern web browsers Firefox, Chrome and Opera display a new tab page containing various tiles of the websites that you have visited before or the websites that you visit more frequently. This new tab page is displayed when you open a new blank tab by either clicking on the “+” tab icon or by using the Ctrl+T hotkey. You can add many more features to this new tab page using the free extension called Momentum. This extension works in both Firefox and Chrome (worlds two most popular web browsers).

Momentum extension is powered by the Momentum Dash web app. After adding the extension in your web browser, you will be asked a few things like your name and email address both of which are used to personalize the new tab page experience. Your name is displayed on the new tab page and you are greeted by Momentum. And if you want to sync your Momentum configuration across a number of devices then you can add your email address to create an account.


Momentum displays breathtakingly beautiful pictures from all over the world (just like Bing search does). But that is not all. You can add weather links, bookmarks, quotes, search box, todo focus goals and add your own custom pictures to be displayed on the new tab page. You can even change the font and color schemes.


And if you want even more from this extension, then you will have to buy the subscription for the Plus version. The Plus version costs $2.50 per month for the cheapest plan but adds many exciting features like the ability to integrate todo tasks with other task managers, ability to change the background pictures or the quotes by downloading new ones from Momentum feed and get the priority support from Momentum developers.

You can download and install the Momentum extension from