Hide.me Provides Free VPN Access for Everyone

When you have to hide your online identity and change your IP address quickly, you can depend on a good VPN service like Hide.me. It provides you with ultra-fast free VPN access over a number of platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Hide.me offers three plans – free, plus and premium. The free plan limits your VPN access in two ways – you cannot connect to all the VPN servers and your data download limit is only 2 GB per month. If you want to remove these limits, then you can sign up for the plus or premium plans. The plus plan has a data limit of 75 GB per month and the premium plan has no data limit.

Hide.me clients are available for all the supported platforms. After you have installed the client software, you are shown a login screen where you can sign up for the free account or sign in using your existing VPN account. After this, you are automatically connected to a random VPN server and informed of the fact. The hide.me window displays the new IP address for your PC.

Hide.me VPN

If you do not like the IP address then you can switch to a different VPN server. For picking the VPN servers manually you can click on the Change button displayed next to the location. It will display a big list of VPN servers along with their geographical locations. In the free plan for hide.me, you can choose from only a few VPN servers. For example, in my case, there were only three servers available – Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore.

Hide.me VPN

The client software has many interesting features and settings like the kill switch, DNS configuration, settings for the protocol to be used for VPN access and more. The kill switch is very useful as it limits the internet traffic in the event the VPN connection is dropped.

Hide.me VPN

Hide.me VPN is a really fast VPN service that works across a number of supported platforms. The client software is designed to keep your identity hidden even when VPN connection is dropped.

You can download hide.me VPN client software from https://hide.me/.