Password Boss is Free, Secure and Cross-Platform Password Manager

Password Boss is a  free, secure and cross-platform password manager that works on all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. This free password manager supports automatic login to saved websites with your stored login credentials. It supports storage of all the passwords, your personal information, digital wallet, secure notes and online identities. Because it supports many platforms, you can easily access your passwords from anywhere, regardless of whether we are on a desktop computer or a mobile device. It is capable of automatically filling up online forms with payment details and shipment details using your stored addresses with a single click of the mouse.

Easy import of passwords

After you install and launch the Windows version of Password Boss, it will automatically read all the passwords stored in the web browsers and store them in your Password Boss account. You can also manually import passwords from various web browsers by selecting File Import Passwords from the menubar.

Password Boss

Web browser integration

It integrates with various web browsers installed in your computer and adds a button in the toolbar. Using this button, you can access all the stored data right-inside your web browser. It supports adding a button to all the popular web browsers including Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Multiple cloud server locations

Password Boss data is synced to their cloud servers and you can choose the data server location from within the settings of Password Boss. There are nine server locations – US East, US West, Ireland, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and Sao Paulo. You can choose a data server location close to you for faster access or a server based on the data storage laws of your country. All the communication to this server is 256-bit AES encrypted.

Password Boss

Convenience of signing-in to websites

Whenever you want to enter a password on a website, you can either use the Password Boss software or use the browser button to access it. In either case, you will have to supply a master password before you can access your stored credentials. In the premium subscription, you are also allowed to use a built-in password generator.

One-click removal of stored data

If you want to remove all the passwords stored in your Password Boss account, you will have to create a Password Boss portal account using a web browser. From here, you can delete any device or even your Password Boss account. When you take these actions, all the data stored for that device and for that account is also deleted.


Password Boss is free for individual use but if you want extra functionality then you can buy the premium subscription which costs $2.50 per month. In the premium subscription, you get features like the ability to use it on multiple devices (in the free version you can use it only on one device), storing unlimited passwords and 2-step verification for signing in to your Password Boss account. New free accounts are given 30-days of premium subscription for free.

You can download Password Boss from