Cofeshow Creates Picture Slideshow Videos in Full HD

Cofeshow is very easy to use freemium slideshow creator. Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, it creates the slideshows in the MP4 video format that can be either HD or full HD. You also get the option to upload the created MP4 videos to many video sharing websites like Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo.

Using Cofeshow you can create very beautiful and professional slideshows by the use of some of the ready-made themes in the application itself. In just a few steps, you can generate a modern presentation in MP4 video format containing all of the pictures along with the background music of your selection. Here is how:

In the first step, you have to launch Cofeshow and select one of the themes from a long list of free themes. You can hover the mouse cursor over a theme and it will show you a link to the theme preview. Clicking on this preview link will open Youtube video showing you a sample of how the slideshow will look like. It makes it very easy for you to choose a theme.


The second step is about adding the background music. You can add MP3 or M4A audio files only. It is very surprising that other audio file formats are not supported considering that it makes use of the open-source FFmpeg project. If you don’t want any background music, you can skip this step.


After this, you have to add all the pictures and the text for the slideshow. You can add pictures one-by-one or just select a folder containing the images to add all the pictures in one go. You can also add custom text slides and change the position of where these slides are displayed. But you cannot change the time duration for which the slides are going to be displayed.


Finally, you have to choose an output folder and the resolution from HD (1280×720) or full HD (1920×1080) for the video. Clicking on Make Video will create and save the MP4 video on your local drive. At this point, you are shown the options to play the video or share the video on Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo. Putting the video on these video sharing sites makes it very easy for you to access it from anywhere later on.


Verdict: Cofeshow is a very impressive slideshow video creator that any user irrespective of their computer skill levels can use. It allows you to create stunningly beautiful slideshows using your pictures and background music files.

You can download Cofeshow from

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