PDF Candy Offers PDF Editing Tools for Offline or Online Use

PDF Candy is well known for their dozens of web apps that can be used edit your PDF files in a variety of ways. But these web apps work only when you are online. This is why now they are offering a large package of tools that can be used offline as well. These tools can be used for converting your other documents into PDF files, for converting PDF documents into other types of documents, for adding page numbers, for extracting images or text, for splitting one large PDF file into multiple smaller PDF files, for merging multiple PDF files into one and more.

PDF Candy offers a range of tools including extraction tools (extract images, extract text), conversion to PDF tools (Word, DOCX, EPUB, HTML, FB2, PNG, TIFF, JPG, MOBI, Excel, RTF, PPT, ODT), conversion from PDF to other formats (TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPG, RTF, DOCX, Word), merging and splitting tools, page numbering, delete pages and rearranging pages etc.

PDF Candy

In order to use the online version of the PDF Candy (web apps), you can just visit https://pdfcandy.com/ and you will be welcomed by all the thirty-seven tools it is offering. You can start using any of these tools as usual by uploading your PDF document to the PDF Candy server and then performing the selected tasks. But the online version of PDF Candy has limitations – you cannot upload very large PDF files to PDF Candy servers. Furthermore, uploading your PDF documents containing sensitive information is not really a good idea.

If you want to use PDF Candy in the offline mode on your Windows PC, then you can download the PDF Candy Desktop version. The download is nearly 155 MB and contains all the tools that are available in the online version of PDF Candy. The various advantages of using the desktop version are no limits on the PDF file size, your sensitive PDF files stay in your PC, you can batch process multiple files in one go, and you can convert scanned documents to PDF documents in real time.

You can download PDF Candy desktop for offline use from https://pdfcandy.com/download.html.


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