Fine Tune Logitech Gaming Hardware for Smoother Gaming

Logitech has been manufacturing keyboards and mice for Windows and Mac computers for decades. Like millions of others, my first computer mouse was a Logitech. They are known for durability and precision of operation. They also have peripherals designed specifically for gamers – Logitech gaming devices. The difference between the ordinary device and a gaming device is that the latter is sturdier and more ergonomic.

If you are using Logitech gaming hardware such as game controllers, keyboards, mice or speakers, then you can fine-tune them for specific games using the free Logitech Gaming software. This software comes with presets for various games like Black Desert, Far Cry, Final Fantasy, Fortnite and more. As you launch the software, it scans your system to automatically detect all the installed games. Then you can pick the preset profile for those games from the drop-down menu. And if you have a game installed for which it does not have the presets, then you can either check for updates and see whether they have added the preset profile for that game in the new version or you can manually create your own profile for the game in a few minutes.

Logitech Gaming Software

Among the things that you can customize are the backlight colors for the keyboards that have backlight underneath the keyboard buttons, mouse pointer speed, mouse pointer sensitivity, actions for various keys on the keyboard, actions for different mouse buttons, gamepad settings and more.

The only drawback of this software is that it works only with the Logitech products. So for getting the most out of this software, you must have all of the Logitech gaming hardware. It supports a wide range of gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and headsets. You can see a huge list of all the supported devices on Logitech website. It could be a little bit overwhelming for the beginners as it provides settings for hundreds of diverse gaming devices.

You can download Logitech Gaming Software from