PDF Rotator : Rotate Pages Inside PDF Documents

As an electronics enthusiast, I sometimes come across components that I do not have proper documentation for – their ratings and the expected use. You can find all these documents and manuals online and most of them are in the PDF format. But many times these scanned copies of manuals are not scanned with proper orientation – perhaps the persons scanning them was in a hurry. If you do not want to turn your laptop upside down to read these PDF documents, then you can use the PDF Rotator software to quickly change the orientation of various pages inside these PDF documents at the click of a button.

PDF Rotator is a very small software that offers a very easy-to-use interface to rotate the pages inside one or more PDF documents at the same time. You start by adding the PDF files that you want to work with to the PDF Rotator window. It supports drag-n-drop interface so adding the PDF files is very easy.

PDF Rotator

You can choose to rotate all the pages or specify the range of pages that should be rotated. You can choose the direction for rotating the pages inside these documents. And you can also set a folder where the resulting PDF documents shall be placed. By default, these new PDF files will be copied to the original folders. After this, all that remains is to click on the Rotate Now button.

In the settings for the PDF Rotator software, you can choose to make it sound a beep when the rotating of all the PDF pages is complete. You can also opt for it to keep the original file name. There are no more settings other than these two which only makes this program easier to use.

PDF Rotator

PDF Rotator is a very easy-to-use solution for quickly rotating multiple pages inside a number of PDF documents. Its lack of complexity and fewer options make it ideal for novices.

You can download PDF Rotator from http://www.pdfrotator.com/.