Play PUBG Mobile in Windows PC Through Official Android Emulator

If you ask the youngsters what kind of games they are playing these days, then you will get two replies again and again – Fortnite and PUBG. Both of these games have become really very popular with the young people who can afford to spend their days and nights playing in front of their computers and gaming consoles. Fortnite is available on many platforms including iOS, Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox. PUBG is also supported on most of these platforms. But now the PUBG Mobile (a smartphone only version of PUBG) can also be played in Windows PC through an officially released Android emulator. This way you can play PUBG Mobile on your Windows PC and get much smoother control over player movement and actions through keyboard and mouse.

PUBG Mobile Emulator for Windows

You can start by downloading the PUBG Mobile emulator and installing it your Windows PC. The installer is less than 10 MB, but during the installation, it downloads more files from the Tencent server (game publisher’s server). After this, the game engine starts to download. In total it may take 10-15 minutes on an average internet connection before you can start playing PUBG Mobile on your PC.

PUBG Mobile Emulator for Windows

The game can be played in full-screen and you will feel like you are playing a game designed for Windows. You can use your keyboard and mouse to control the game. A gaming controller should also work fine. The emulator is trimmed down version of Android 5.1 and works flawlessly on any modern PC. You can choose display resolutions from 720p, 1080p, and 2K resolutions.

Obviously, for playing in a very high resolution your PC will need to have a really good graphics card. Even for the lowest settings, your PC should have at least 4GB RAM, quad-core 2GHz CPU, and a medium level GPU so that you don’t experience any lags during the gameplay.

You can download PUBG Mobile emulator from