GeoSetter Sets Geo Tag and Metadata in Pictures

When you snap pictures using your digital camera, it not only captures the what you can see through the camera lens but also some other things like the time of taking the picture, the rotation angle of the camera, the focal length of the lens used and more. All this information is stored at the end of the picture files in the form of metadata. One of these information sets stored in pictures is geo tag that stores the latitude and longitude of the place where you took the picture.

Geo tag or geo data information depends on the internet or the GPS connectivity of your device. If there is a problem with this connectivity, then your camera will store the wrong geo tag information in the pictures that you snap. Fortunately, you can easily correct this information using a freeware called GeoSetter.

GeoSetter is a free application for Windows that can be used to view and edit geo tag and also other types of meta data inside the images taken using a digital camera. This type of information is usually not displayed by ordinary image viewer applications but GeoSetter makes it all accessible to you.


When you open a picture in GeoSetter containing geo tag, it can automatically locate that picture on the map of the world. You can then drag the pin on the map to any other location or manually enter the new location to change it. This way you can conveniently edit the get data stored in any picture.

It is able to view and edit the geo data for many different image file types including JPEG and TIFF. Moreover, it can also work with raw pictures like DNG (Adobe), CRW, CR2 and THM (Canon), NEF and NRW (Nikon), MRW (Konica Minolta), PEF (Pentax), ORF (Olympus), ARW, SR2, SRF (Sony) and RAF (Fujifilm), RW2 and RAW (Panasonic) and, RWL (Leica).

It supports Google Earth (helps you locate pictures on Google Earth), synchronizes your GPS tagged RAW images with their corresponding low-resolution JPEG images, and can even change the date/time of the images in the metadata.

You can download GeoSetter from