Screen Capture + Print : Easy-to-Use Screenshot Software

Capturing a screenshot in a Windows PC is as easy as pressing the PrintScreen key on the keyboard. But if you want to selectively capture a part of the screen then you will have to specialized software like “Screen Capture + Print”. It allows you to capture the entire screen in Windows or a selected part of it. You can even send the captured screen to your printer, save it to your file, open it in Microsoft Paint or just copy it to the clipboard. It is also able to perform some basic editing like turning the screenshot into grayscale, invert the image colors, rotate the screenshot, automatically change the image orientation to fit the paper in the printer.

The program places its icon in the notification area and you can just click on it to start the screen capture – the screen will turn a little grayish and you can select the portion of the screen that you want to capture using your mouse pointer. If you want to have more options for capturing, you can right-click on this icon and select one of the options from the right-click menu – capture rectangle, capture desktop, capture window etc. From the notification area icon, you can also choose the option to make it automatically start with Windows so that you can capture the screenshots any time you want.

Screen Capture + Print

Once a screen capture is done, its preview is displayed in a small window with a number of options like to print it, save it to a local file, open in MS Paint for editing, send it to the Windows clipboard and more. Before the image file is saved or sent to the clipboard, you can choose to apply some very basic effects like color inversion, rotation, grayscale etc.

Screen Capture + Print

Verdict: “Screen Capture + Print” is a small and easy-to-use screen capture tool for Windows. It does not have many features, but it is very unobtrusive and convenient to use.

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