RegCool : Advanced Registry Editor with Useful Tools

RegCool is an advanced registry editor with many useful tools built inside it. It makes working with Windows’ registry easier and safer when compared to the native Windows Registry Editor. It is a portable tool and can be used to backup and restore the local registry in case of the emergencies. It also has some tools that can be used to save the registry snapshots at different times and later compare them to find the changes.

RegCool has the same basic interface as the Windows Registry Editor and you can navigate the registry hives in the same fashion. But it has an advanced search function using which you can find any value or key and the search results are presented in the form a long list. Afterward, you can double-click on any of the items in the list to open it in the registry hive.


Unlike the native tool in Windows, RegCool makes it very easy to work with the registry of networked computers. You can just click on the network icon in the RegCool toolbar, enter the details of the remote computer and it will open that computer’s registry in RegCool. Depending on the permissions, you will be able to carry out various operations on the remote registry as usual.

RegCool comes with all the desired tools to work the Windows registry. They all can be accessed from under the Tools menu. There are tools like “RegShot” that can be used to take snapshot of the Windows’ registry and later compare them to find the differences, “Compare registry” tool is used to directly compare the registries of two computers, “Backup and restore registry” can be used to create the backup of complete or partial registry, “Defragment registry” is used to defragment the files where Windows’ registry is stored to make it load faster and more.


RegCool packs all the features that an advanced Windows’ user wishes to have in Windows Registry Editor. It is going to make it very convenient and easy to work with the registry of local or network computers.

You can download RegCool from