Security Process Explorer Shows if a Process is Safe

Security Process Explorer is a process manager for Windows that can give you some sort of indication whether a process is safe or not. It does not use any antivirus engine or virus definitions of any kind to detect the harmful process. Instead, it uses a guesstimate method to highlight the possible probability of a process of being harmful. This is done using a graphical color band that can be green or red – green is good while red is bad.

After you launch Security Process Explorer in your PC, you will see a basic task manager like window with a list of all the processes active in your system. Against each process, it will display CPU usage, CPU time and the memory consumed. But in addition to this information, it also displays the ratings for each of these processes.

The ratings are displayed in terms of a colored band. If this band is entirely green then the process is good. If this colored band is entirely made up of the red color then it is a very harmful process. But many processes are displayed with a combination of red and green indicating the probability of that process of being harmful. But you can always know more about a process by clicking on it.

Security Process Explorer

If you think that a process is harmful and want to terminate it, then you can do so by right-clicking on it and selecting End Process. From the right-click menu, you can also set the priority of a process to allow it a bigger or smaller slice of the CPU power. If you find an unwanted process popping up again and again, then Security Process Explorer has a process blocker function too. For this, you can select a process from the list and click on the Block Process button in the toolbar.

Conclusion: Security Process Explorer is a security conscious process manager that can do everything that Windows Task Manager can, but also displays the probability rating of a process of being harmful.

You can download Security Process Explorer from