Timed Locker : Automatically Lock Windows in a Few Seconds

Timed Locker is basically a timer program for locking your Windows PC. You can set the timer to be any number of seconds and when that many seconds have elapsed, it will lock your PC. This is an ideal way of delaying the locking of your PC when you are not physically present to lock it yourself. For example, you can set Timed Locker to lock the PC after 360 seconds (6 minutes) and move away from your desk while leaving the Skype session on for your friends. After 6 minutes, the PC will be locked and nobody will be able to mess with your PC anymore.

Timed Locker is written in .NET 2.0 which means it won’t work in Windows 10 computer unless you choose to install the outdated .NET 2.0 framework. This could be a hassle for many people that in order to run a small program they have to download and install this component which might take many minutes of your time.

Timed Locker

The application is very small and allows you to specify a password and the timer countdown in seconds. The timer countdown is obviously for locking the PC after the set duration of time. And the password is used if you wish to abort the locking of you PC in the middle of the timer countdown.

Timed Locker

The author of the program describes why he created this application – to ensure the locking of the PC immediately after starting it remotely. This application does not seem to have any use for the general audience but some people may find it immensely useful for their specialized needs. I wish the author has added a command line option for the program in order to set the password and the timer, but perhaps it will be done in the future releases.

You can download Timed Locker program from https://www.haztek-software.com/applications/system-tools/timed-locker/.