Adjust Audio Playback in Firefox with Audio Equalizer Extension

Almost all the media players for various platforms come with some sort of audio equalizer using which you can control how the various frequencies are output and can change how music sounds on your speakers or headphones. Using these equalizers, you can make your PC produce the intended quality and loudness for a music track. For example, you can choose the equalizer settings for rock music, pop music, live performance etc, and it will change the way the media player processes that music file.

But what if you are listening to music in your Firefox web browser? Usually, no website gives any kind of audio equalizer to control the audio output. For example, you can try listening to audio books at Audible and it basically plays the recorded reading of the books in the web browser with no customization of the output.

Now you can use a small extension for Firefox web browser called Audio Equalizer to control the amplitude of various frequencies in the reproduction of the sound just as would in any other media player application. After the installation, you can access the audio equalizer from its icon in the toolbar.

Audio Equalizer for Firefox

The audio equalizer allows manually changing the amplitude levels of various frequency groups. It also has a pre-amp to increase the amplitude of sound before the equalizer settings are applied. It also has presets that you can readily select like pop, club, party, soft rock dance or any other preset format for the audio stream. Furthermore, you can also define your own presets and then save it for later use in the toolbar popup. There is also a reset button using which you can restore all the settings back to their default values and remove all the changes that you have introduced.

Two interesting features of this extension are mono and snap. Mono basically turns all the stereo audio streams into mono streams making it useful for people who are deaf in one ear. Snap makes it easy for you to change the amp levels for various frequencies in the equalizer.

So if you are hating listening to music in Firefox just because it doesn’t have an audio equalizer, you can get your own using the Audio Equalizer extension and listen to the music just the way you like it.

You can get the Audio Equalizer extension for Firefox from