TVTower Game : Free Mad TV Remake for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you belong to a generation that had just started to enjoy the computer games back in early 90s, then you must remember a game called Mad TV. It was a clever game that combined the excitement of running TV stations along with the thrill of competing with other stations and making profit in the process. Since then it has achieved the status of a cult classic in Europe, but not many people know about it in the US or Canada.

Mad TV was first released in 1991, around the same time when popular sitcom Seinfeld had started to make the headlines in the media. It was supported on DOS operating system and on Commodore Amiga. In those days, DOS was not free and was being developed by many companies.

TVTower Remake of Mad TV

If you miss playing Mad TV and want to walk down the memory lane, not to mention if you want to have hours of fun, then you can play TVTower instead – a faithful remake of Mad TV that works on modern computers flawlessly. The download is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. As far as Windows is concerned, it is only around 50 MB in file size and supports all Windows versions starting from Windows XP.

TVTower Remake of Mad TV

TVTower is not an exact replica of the original Mad TV, but it manages to come very close. While you play the game exactly the same way there is a minor difference. In Mad TV, you start as a small reporter working hard to increase the ratings of your TV station while dreaming about a marrying a girl who works in the same building. In TowerTV, there is no Betty – you just toil day and night to shuffle the TV programs for your TV station, earn more and more in advertisements and drive your competition to ruins.

You can download TVTower from