ApowerREC – Record Webcam, PC, Mac and Smartphone Screens

For a myriad of reasons we sometimes have to record the screen of our computers or mobile devices. For example, when you want to demonstrate how your app works, for creating how-to videos for teaching or training, for creating studying material, for recording your gaming prowess, and for many other reasons. Whatever the reason is, you can use ApowerREC software to record the screen of all of your devices – Windows PC, Apple Mac, Android smartphones, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

ApowerREC shows a floating bar on your screen (that hides when you are recording the screen) and through this bar, you can control all the recording functions. You can choose the source for your recorded video – webcam, full computer screen or a region on your computer screen. Similarly, you can choose the sound source – microphone, system audio or a combination of both the sources, etc.


There are options for timed recording which means that the recording automatically stops after a set duration of time (by default it is 10 minutes, but you can change its value). You can also limit the screen recording by the video file size – when the file size reaches a certain pre-defined limit, it will automatically stop recording.

You can start and stop the recording using the big red button in the floating bar or using the hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+R). The recording is very smooth and has no impact on the system performance or on the system resources. In the evaluation version, it will put a watermark “ApowerREC” in the upper right corner of the recorded video. This can be removed by purchasing a license key from the developers.

The recorded videos can be edited in a very simple inbuilt editor that allows you to trim the videos and add your own image or text-based watermarks. Apower also offers an advanced video editor that you can use online or install on your PC or Mac. After you are done editing, you can share and upload your video to various online video sites like Youtube and Vimeo from within the ApowerREC interface.


Verdict: Of all the screen recorder software that I have seen, ApowerREC is much more unobtrusive, clutter-free and easy-to-use. It has all the essential tools to record videos, take screenshots and edit them. It definitely tops the list if you are looking for a good screen recording program.

You can download ApowerREC from https://www.apowersoft.com/record-all-screen.