EazyFlixPix : Video Collection Organizer with Playback and Thumbnails

With my Sony GoPro always in my pocket, I start making videos of almost anything interesting I encounter in everyday life. I prefer GoPro because it always makes very high-quality videos compared to the smartphone camera. But this habit of mine has resulted in all of my hard drives filled with video files for many years. The oldest video I have, I think, from the year 2008. With almost 5,000 of these videos, it becomes very hard to manage them, decide which ones to delete and which ones to keep, etc.

Thanks to EazyFlixPix, you can now manage all of your videos collection (as well as images collection) from one place very easily. The software generates video thumbnails of the videos so that you can quickly find the videos that you were looking for and perform various operations on them. The software comes with Mplayer and can play all sorts of videos without requiring any codecs. You can simply click on any video thumbnail and it will launch that video in Mplayer for your enjoyment.


If you have thousands and thousands of videos and cannot find the video that you were looking for merely by looking at the video thumbnails, even then EazyFlixPix can fetch your videos using search tags. When adding new videos to EazyFlixPix database, you may choose to add tags with those videos like “Patty’s 25th Birthday” and when you would be searching for these videos, you can find them easily through these tags. It can also automatically discover the tags hidden in the metadata of the media files.

Unfortunately, all of the features of EazyFlixPix are available only for a trial of 7 days after which these features will stop working. But if you want to use EazyFlixPix with all its advanced features, then you can buy a lifetime license for less than $30.

You can download EazyFlixPix from https://eazymojo.com/eazyflixpix-media-organizer.