Basemark GPU : Benchmark Toy for Gaming Rigs

The graphics processors (GPU) are now faster and more powerful than ever before. Yet not many people can play the games in the full blown 4K resolution because their GPU does not support it. If you are boasting about your new gaming rig with a brand new GPU, then you should also benchmark it to show some evidence. Anyone who wants to know how powerful their own GPU is, can easily put it through a series of tests with Basemark GPU.

It is a new GPU benchmark toy with support for Vulcan 1.0 and OpenGL 4.5 and can stress your GPU to run the test under 4K resolution. The download of the Basemark GPU is a massive 3 GB file but you will realize why it is such a huge download when you run the test. The benchmark supports only Windows 7, 8 and 10 and you must have an internet connection to run the test because the result of the test is automatically uploaded to their servers so that you can compare it with that of other people.

Basemark GPU

When you launch Basemark GPU, it will show you an Official Test that runs the test in 4K resolution and uses OpenGL API. Not many GPU can withstand this kind of torture but if yours can then you should go with this test. However, if your GPU doesn’t support 4K, then you can go for a Custom Test that allows you to customize detail settings such as the resolution and texture compression used. In the Experience Mode, the benchmark is done in the full-screen mode.

Basemark GPU

Make sure you do not run any other applications and do not use your PC when running this test to get a much more accurate set of results. Basemark GPU is available in two version – free and corporate. The free version does not allow you to automate the tests and shows less details in the results, but it is good enough for the home users.

You can download Basemark GPU from