Steam Offers Free Battle Royale Parody : Cuisine Royale

There is hardly anyone that I have talked to who has not played the Fortnite – Battle Royale game on their consoles or gaming computers. In fact, the younger crowd often turns out to be the really expert at how to win each and every time in Fortnite. But only a few people know that some game developers have also released a parody or joke of the Battle Royale game on the last April Fool’s day and it was called Cuisine Royale. The funny “cuisine” part of the game was due to the fact that all the players use kitchenware to cover their vital organs like head, chest or shoulders to use the kitchen pots and pans as shield from the weapons. It may not sound funny, but the gameplay surely looks very hilarious. Imagine you take down colander from over someone’s head and then taunt them – “your pasta days are over”.

Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale was offered for free on the 1st of April 2018 and it became very popular instantly. Even though the developers had decided to take it off after the April Fool’s day fun is over. But they decided to keep it for free on Steam after seeing the reaction of the gamers who apparently demanded new dinnerware every time they played this game.

As of now the Cuisine Royale game is available for free on Steam and you can add it to your Steam library until 25th June 2018 after which the developers of this silly game will reconsider whether to keep the game free or charge the gamers a little. According to the leaked geek talk, they want to charge a minimal just to pay for the server costs and for the future developments. If you want to get it for free, then your time is running out and you should grab a  free copy of Cuisine Royale  before Monday the next.

You can get Cuisine Royale on Steam at