Black NotePad is Enhanced Notepad with Dark Background

Millions of people all over the world use Microsoft Notepad everyday for a myriad of reasons. When I was learning to code, I met so many programmers who would not use anything else but Microsoft Notepad even for projects containing multiple files, that is, until Notepad++ came along. All of these people have pushed the limits of Microsoft Notepad for decades and the result is that there are hundreds of applications that tout to be an improvement over or replacement of Microsoft Notepad.

Black NotePad is the latest of these enhanced and improved Notepad applications. It is a very simple text editor that focuses on taking care of the strain that our eyes are put through when you are reading or editing a file in the text editor. It makes the background of the editor darker and uses colors like black, dark brown, dark blue, etc. Similarly, it also changes the foreground or the text colors to be something that is milder on the eye sight. It comes with such five color presets that you can switch to by clicking on these 1,2,3,4,5 buttons in the toolbar. Apart from these, there are two presets black background with white text, and white background with black text.

Black NotePad

Furthermore, there are three buttons A,B,C in the toolbar that can quickly change the font face and font size being used. You can also customize the font face, font size, and all the background or foreground colors from the Tools menu. There are basic editing buttons right inside the toolbar (cut, copy, paste), and there is a search box just like in the Firefox web browser using which you can search for any text right from the toolbar. You can zoom in or zoom out the document as and when needed.

Black NotePad is certainly an improvement over the Microsoft Notepad in terms of the visual approach, flexibility and features. It can be set as the default text editor for Windows and can easily replace Microsoft Notepad.

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