Mixxx : Free DJ Mixing Software for Windows and Mac

Mixxx is a free and open-source DJ mixing software that offers a large number of features to the newbies and the advanced users alike. It comes with a large help file that is also available on their website and explains everything from hot cues, BPM, and music keys. For a complete novice, it might take a little bit learning before you can produce some cool mixes. But if you have had your feet wet in any kind of DJ’ing before, then you will pick up real fast.

The first thing you have to do with Mixxx is add the source folder containing the music files, auxiliary input, microphone etc. After this, you can control the mixing settings for each of these sources in the Mixxx interface. You can fade in the output from one source and fade out from another (also called cross-fading). After a comprehensive analysis of your music files, it will be able to use BPM, sync and music key detection using which it can pick up the next track matching the tempo and beats of the previous songs.


If you have bought a DJ controller, then you can connect it to your PC/Mac using the MIDI or HID interface and it will be recognized by Mixxx. After this, you would be able to control Mixxx through your DJ controller. This is a simple and effective way of enhancing your cheap DJ controller device.

And if you want to add that vinyl scratch effect that only high end DJ controllers can pull off, then you can do so with Mixxx. But this requires that you have a DJ controller hardware and timecoded vinyl or CDs. When you scratch these timecoded vinyls, Mixxx can add the vinyl scratch effect to your digital music files.

All in all, Mixxx is a professional DJ mixing software, comes with a ton of features and supports a large number  of DJ controller devices. You can definitely learn to be a DJ using this open-source software.

You can download Mixxx from https://www.mixxx.org/.