BreezoMeter Shows Air Quality Index for Any City

Air pollution has become a big concern these days. Too much pollution combined with the rising temperatures of the summer can make even the healthiest of us have the feeling of nausea. In fact, in the summer time I often spot people gasping for air while riding the buses or trains in the city. If there is too much pollution and ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun are very strong, then you should stay indoors and should not engage in physically straining activities such as running or exercise. But how would you know about UV index, pollution and air quality in your city?


The free app BreezoMeter can tell you everything you want to know about the air quality in your region or city. It works all over the world and gathers its data from thousands of reliable sources in a city. After launching the BreezoMeter app, you have to give it permission so that it can detect your location from GPS. It will then instantly start telling you information about the air quality in your location. The air quality is indicated by an interesting looking elephant trunk meter as well as the background color of the app.


Along with the elephant trunk meter and the stated index number for the air quality, it also displays some helpful guidelines or suggestions as to what we should and should not do with the indicated air quality index. For example, whether you should go out and play or whether you should stay indoors as much as possible etc. For really bad air quality, it suggests that you should stay indoors with air conditioner on, for moderate air quality it tells you to limit outdoors activity and for good air quality it suggests that you should go out and breathe the fresh air.

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  1. I just installed this and it looks like a very nice app. I don’t have any air quality issues where I live, but I’ll keep in installed anyway.

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