GOG Gives Away Xenonauts Game for PC

GOG is really making summers fun by giving away so many classic games. Earlier they gave away Unreal Gold and now they are again giving away another classic called Xenonauts from 2014 – well not really a classic, but a remake of a classic game “UFO – Enemy Unknown” from 1994.

UFO – Enemy Unknown follows the story after alien have invaded the Earth and people from all over the world are fighting them back. But in 1994, it game was a basic side scroller. In 2014, it was remade and released as Xenonauts with much better graphics, much more daring enemies and forces you to adopt a better strategy to defend the planet from the clutches of the extra-terrestrial enemy.

The developers, Goldhawk Interactive, are now ready to release the second installment of the Xenonauts being called Xenonauts II. But before you play that game, you can grab the PC version of Xenonauts from 2014 for free to get some understanding of what to expect in the Xenonauts II which follows immediately where Xenonauts  ends.

Xenonauts I : GOG Give Away

Like an onion, Xenonauts keeps revealing more and more interesting layers as you go through the various levels of the game. At first, it looks like eliminate-the-aliens mission, but slowly as you progress the game starts to reveal the true intentions of the aliens and why they have visited this planet.

As levels go up, you are exposed to alien technology – their weapons and vehicles. You also learn how to use this alien technology against the aliens and take them down much more easily. The game is offered only in the single player mode but with all the strategy game play, it will keep you engaged for many many hours at a stretch.

You can also follow this link directly to claim the giveaway: https://www.gog.com/game/xenonauts.