How to Access Apple Mac APFS Formatted Storage in Windows

The Mac users know that Apple has been using a file system called HFS or HFS+ on earlier Mac installations. But now they have introduced a new file system called APFS that is going to replace the older HFS+ file system. In the latest update released by Apple, they have already adopted the new APFS for Mac systems. But if you want to access your APFS formatted storage drives in Windows, then you will have to use a special software called APFS for Windows.

APFS for Windows is designed by Paragon software. If you work on a Windows based computer and want to read and write files from an APFS formatted HDD, SSD or flash drive, then you can do so using this software. It even supports the storage devices formatted under Mac OS 10.14 Mojave.

Using APFS for Windows is very easy. You just have to install it in your Windows PC and it is all done. Now whenever you connect an APFS formatted storage device to your Windows PC, it will be automatically recognized and will be displayed as usual in the Windows File Explorer.

APFS for Windows

In the APFS for Windows interface, that you can bring up from its notification area icon, you can see all the compatible storage devices on the left side. You can choose to unmount the devices, choose the options to mount them automatically or mount them in the read/write mode. You can even format them using the new APFS system. However, the read/write mode is still in the beta and might cause some problems when writing data to the APFS formatted storage devices.

APFS for Windows is not a free software and is available as a trialware for 10 days only. If you find that it is useful for you, then you can choose to go ahead and buy the license for using it indefinitely on your Windows PC.

You can download APFS for Windows from