Inviska MKV Info Shows Details of MKV or MKA Files

Inviska MKV Info is a portable tool for Windows, Mac and Linux that can show you some of the details about a Matroska encapsulated media file such as MKV video file or MKA audio file. Just like Inviska MKV Extract that we have written about previously, it needs another toolkit called MKV Toolnix to work with the MKV files and extract information from them. This is why the first step after downloading both the MKV Toolnix and Inviska MKV Info is to configure the latter to use the mentioned toolkit.

For properly configuring Inviska MKV Info, you can launch it and upon the first launch it will ask you about the location of MKV Toolnix. You can then browse the folder where MKV Toolnix is located. You can also change this setting later on by selecting File → Preferences from the menubar and configuring the full path for MKV Toolnix. Another way to do so is by editing the InviskaMKVInfo.ini file from inside the same folder where Inviska MKV Info is located and changing the value of MKVToolNixPath under MKVToolNix section.

Inviska MKV Info

Now whenever you want to find information about an MKV or MKA file, all you have to do is drag-n-drop that file over the Inviska MKV Info window. It will instantly populate three tabs full of information about that file. The tabs show the same information but present it in different ways – tree format, text format and in XML data style. All of this information can be exported to text files for later analysis.

Inviska MKV Info

By default MKV Info tool scans the files in the standard mode, but it can also use verbose mode. If you want much more detailed information then you can choose the verbose mode. You can select the verbose mode from the menubar by selecting ScanLevel → Verbose. The developer mentions that the extra information displayed using the verbose mode is of little value to most of the users and it will take longer to scan the files.

Inviska MKV Info

Inviska MKV Info is not for everyone. It is meant only for those who are professionals in the field of video production and encoding files. But if you want to quickly find all the information about Matroska encapsulated media files then it is an ideal solution.

You can download Inviska MKV Info from