Quickly Check for Updates in the Opera Web Browser

Opera web browser has become popular once again after the developers decided to use the Blink engine from Google Chrome. Now it is faster than ever before and the developers have been steadily adding more and more newer features with each major update. In the new version 54 of the Opera browser, they have added two new features – update and recovery. They already existed, but they were pretty awkward to use. The new update makes it very easy to access and use them.

Previously, if you had to check for updates (whether any new update is available for Opera), then you had to open the “About Opera” page from the menu. And it automatically checked for any updates, downloaded them and installed them.  The new version makes it much more convenient for you to check for the updates.

Now you can just select Update & Recovery from the Opera menu. This will open a special update page that automatically checks for any updates available. You can also manually check for the updates by clicking on the Check for update button. In either case it proceeds just like in the older versions – check for updates, download them automatically, install them and ask you for launching Opera once again.

Check for Updates in Opera

Furthermore, Opera also displays the notification about available updates by making a small red notification dot on the Opera menu. If you click on the menu, then it will show an extra item in the menu that could read something like – “Get the latest security update”. Choosing this menu item will open a webpage displaying more information about the available updates.

Check for Updates in Opera

With this new feature for updates, Opera is now perhaps the only web browser that has a special menu item for the sole purpose of checking the updates. This is surely going to help you stay up-to-date with the latest versions of Opera as soon as they become available.