Opera Recovery : Reset Browser Settings to Factory Default

Opera web browser’s latest version – version 54 comes with a new feature called Recovery using which anyone can reset the web browser back to its default settings. You can choose to keep your personal data and only reset the browser settings, or you can completely remove all the settings and data reverting Opera to a freshly installed state. This feature existed in the older versions too but it was not readily accessible. In the new version of Opera, the two features – Update and Recovery have been included right in the menu.

Here is how you can proceed and reset your Opera web browser:

  1. Click on the Opera icon in the top-left corner of the Opera web browser and select Update & Recovery from the menubar.Reset Opera Easily
  2. This will open a page showing both the update and recovery features along with a brief description of both. You can click on the Recover button to proceed with resetting of your web browser.Reset Opera Easily
  3. You will see two options – Keep my data and only reset Opera settings, and Reset my data and Opera settings. Make selection of any of these two depending on whether you want to remove everything or keep your personal data and then click on the Recover button.Reset Opera Easily
  4. After Opera restarts, you will have a refreshed web browser and all the problems caused by inappropriate settings or the extensions will be gone.

Using Opera’s reset feature is a very easy thing to do and can be used to fix any problems arising from messed up user profile, corrupt user data, misbehaving extensions, temporary data, cookies etc. The same feature can also be used to erase your web browser usage tracks so that nobody can find what you have been doing on your PC in the Opera we browser.