Windows Seizer : Manage all Visible and Hidden Windows

Windows Seizer is a small portable program that lets you manage all the open windows whether they are visible or invisible. Using this small tool, you can perform a number of operations on all the open windows such as kill them, move them, make them visible, find them by handle, find them by name, find them by class, check the memory consumption of the process associated with a window and more.

The program is portable, so you can just download and launch it. Then it will list all the open windows in your PC. By default, it displays only the visible windows that some some title text. But there are options that you can select to list even the windows that have blank titles or are hidden purposely.

For all the windows listed, it displays the memory usage by the related process, handle for the window, class used to create the window, whether it is a child window, visibility status for the window, process ID (PID), filename or the module that created the window, full path name of the filename and more.

Window Seizer

You can right-click on any of the items displayed in the window and get the options to kill the window, to close the window, to resize, minimize or maximize the window, to hide or reveal the window, and to move the window. If you choose to move the window it moves it to position (1,1) in terms of pixels on your screen. This option is really helpful when some window has accidentally moved outside your screen bounds and you cannot close it or take any other action. Using Window Seizer, you can move it back to the visible portion of the screen and close it or perform other actions.

Window Seizer

Another small tool embedded inside the Window Seizer is – CPU Meter. Using this tool, you can see the CPU usage status in a graphical manner. However the CPU meter is very basic and does not give you any details about cores and processes.

Window Seizer is a handy tool that can help you take full control over the visible and invisible or hidden windows alike. Using this tool, you can resize, move, kill and close windows no matter if they are hidden or they have moved outside the visible screen area.

You can download Window Seizer from