Enigma Virtual Box : Packs Registry and Supporting Files for Programs in one EXE

Back in the day of Windows 95 almost all the programs were portable. Installation was just a matter of copying files and creating shortcuts in the Start Menu or on the Windows desktop. But now if you want a portable program, you will have to provide all the supporting files, registry entries and more. You can do so manually, but Enigma Virtual Box offers a better way. It packs all the necessary files to run a program including a virtual registry system in just one consolidated EXE, so that you do not have to manually extract the virtual files to the disk whenever you want to run that program.

With the help of Enigma Virtual Box, you can virtualize any types of files including dynamic libraries (DLL), ActiveX/COM objects (DLL and OCX), video and music files (AVI or MP3), text files (TXT or DOC), etc. Another interesting  feature of Enigma Virtual Box is that it does not extract temporary files to the HDD. All the file emulation is performed in the process memory only, leaving no trace on the hard drives.

Enigma Virtual Box

The interface of Enigma Virtual Box is self-explanatory. It has a selection box where you have to select the program that you want to launch. Under this is a box where you can choose the output folder. After this you can add all the files needed to run the program such a configuration files or other supporting files, add registry entries, add packages (containing files and virtual registry entries) and then click on the Process button to create the virtualized portable program.

The packages feature is useful if you have to include the same files and virtual registry entries with many programs. You can create these packages and use them again and again to instantly create the virtualized portable programs making the whole process much faster.

Enigma Virtual Box can be useful if you want to run programs without installing them or leaving any trace on the local system. It works with all Windows versions from Windows 2000 to the latest build of Windows 10.

You can download Enigma Virtual Box from http://enigmaprotector.in/en/aboutvb.html.