WinDS Pro : All-in-one Emulator for Console Games

WinDS Pro is an all-in-one comprehensive emulators package that contains emulators for all the console games belonging to consoles such as Nintendo GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo DS, Atari, NEC, Sega etc. In the newest version they have also added support for Sony PlayStation but have not mentioned the version of PlayStation supported.

WinDS Pro works as a central interface to launch all the console games belonging to various emulators. For this to work, you have to click on the menu in WinDS Pro and select Open followed by selecting the game ROM file. After this, you can choose any supported console emulator from the main screen and it will load the game. The game can be played using the input devices such as mouse, keyboard or the game controllers.

WinDS Pro

In the options for the WinDS Pro, you can find various skins that you use to change how the main interface window appears, you can choose which of the game console emulators should be used for which of the consoles (more than one of these emulators support the same console), you can choose the saved games folders for various consoles and so on.

WinDS Pro is available in many different download formats – installer and portable, without emulators and with emulators etc. It is advised that you download the installer version that contains all the supported emulators so that you do not have to manually download them separately.

WinDS Pro

Another thing that you should not is that WinDS Pro does not come with any games and you must arrange for the game roms yourself. Usually, you can find some open-source or free console games online and can download them legally without any problems. But downloading copyrighted games is not allowed and you should not attempt to do so.

You can download WinDS Pro from