Lost Journey Android Game is Free for Limited Time

When I think about Android games, usually games like Rovio’s Angry Birds and Gameloft’s Asphalt 8. But today when Dreamsky announced a giveaway on their popular game Lost Journey, I ended up installing it on my Android smartphone. In the first few minutes I could not fathom the story line, but the painstakingly hand-drawn graphics kept me glued to the screen. The game is really beautiful and you will notice the details of all the graphics on large screen devices like your Android tablet. And then the puzzles started to get harder, making me completely sit down and spend more time on this game.

When you launch the Lost Journey game for the very first time, it gives you an impression of being just another “hop over the obstacles” game like Super Mario used to be at one time. But that as you start playing it, you realize that there is much more to this game than is visible to the naked eye. The game has two worlds where our protagonist (a small kid wearing red cape just like red riding hood) can walk through. Each of these worlds has its own problems and puzzles. But somehow both of these worlds are intertwined and you can switch from one world to the another by tapping on the hour-glass icon.

Lost Journey Game

This all may look confusing at first, but actually these different worlds make it easier for you to to proceed further in the game. When you get stuck in the game, you can simply switch to another world and see whether it makes possible to proceed further in the game.

Lost Journey Game

The objective of the game is to collect all the blue crystals in all the levels and bring back the memories of the protagonist, who is accompanied by a mysterious creature in the shape of a butterfly. All through the journey, you will pass through so many astonishing worlds and learn a bit more from the background story with each level. The mesmerizing graphics and the captivating story-line of Lost Journey will keep you stuck to your Android device for hours.

You can download Lost Journey for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.dreamsky.lostjourney2.