WinDynamicDesktop Brings Apple Mac OS Dynamic Desktop to Microsoft Windows

If you have never used Apple Mac OS before in your life, then you are missing out on so many cool features. One of the latest ones being the dynamic desktop feature that was introduced in the latest version of Apple Mac OS 10.14 Mojave. This dynamic desktop changes the desktop background with the different times of the day. It makes use of very high quality desktop background images – a total of 16 images that are cycled automatically for your desktop.

All the Windows users, who are feeling a tad jealous, can now have the same feature in their Windows machines using an open-source software called WinDynamicDesktop. This simple software brings you the familiar Dynamic Desktop feature from the Mac OS Mojave to your Windows computer. With the Dynamic Desktop, it brings an automatic change to the wallpaper depending on the time of day. The whole thing is done through 16 different images that capture the same place throughout the day.


As far as WinDynamicDesktop is concerned, it uses the images of sand dunes for the different times of the day and night. The same dune looks a little different as the Sun changes position throughout the day. And at night time, in the reflected light of the moon it appears darker and bluish. These images are downloaded after you have launched WinDynamicDesktop and perhaps because of too much traffic take forever to download. But you can download them directly from a link given on WinDynamicDesktop’s Github webpage, extract them to a sub-folder named “images” and WinDynamicDesktop will pick these images for use.

Apart from downloading these images, WinDynamicDesktop also requires that you set your location so that it can determine the time of day for your PC. You may think, why it does not just use the local computer time. That is because it has to find the sunrise and sunset times for you location. Everytime you change the location, you will have to relaunch the WinDynamicDesktop application so that it can reload the new configuration. There are no other options available.


WinDynamicDesktop can bring aesthetically pleasing and dynamically changing wallpapers to the Windows users. It successfully imitates the Dynamic Desktop feature from Apple MacOS and brings it to the Microsoft Windows users.

You can download WinDynamicDesktop from