Ubisoft Games Giveaway : “For Honor” Action Game for PC

Ubisoft is once again on the giving away spree and has announced that the starter edition of their game “For Honor” will be made completely free for everyone. You simply have to search for “For Honor”, select the starter edition and add it to your games library in Uplay. Alternatively, you can also login to your Ubisoft account in any web browser and add it to your library but in both cases you will need Uplay to download the game and install it.

If you have never heard about “For Honor”, then perhaps you will have some idea about this game if you watch the TV series “Game of Thrones” as the gameplay is based in medieval times and everyone is bent on fighting everyone else to establish their own dominion. In the game , you assume the role of one of the classes from the three classes of warriors – the Knights, the Samurai and the Vikings.

Ubisoft For Honor

All of these warriors from the past were not brain-dead fighters, but they took the art of war to a much higher level by adding strategy, skills and ingenuity. In the game too, you have to avoid excessive fighting and adopt to the higher standards of those warriors, plan the fights carefully, employ properly laid out strategies and use deft tactics to win the fights.

Compared to the full edition of “For Honor”, the starter edition has fewer heroes in the beginning. The missing characters, are made available as you go through various levels and gain achievements in the game. As you proceed and collect steel (in-game currency for “For Honor”), you can buy/unlock these characters with 8000 steel each. Other than this, starter edition has all the same maps and modes as the full edition.

You can grab your free copy of “For Honor” by visiting https://free.ubisoft.com/promotions/for_honor/26/pc/login.