Adobe Spark Post : Quickly Design Incredible Graphics on Android Devices

How many times have you heard those serious looking geeks tell you that you need a powerful desktop computer for graphics designing work? They go on to suggest that – “Windows or Linux PC won’t be able to do the job, you would need Mac for this kind of work”. Well, now you can make their jaw drop right to the ground by showing how quickly you can create stunning graphics in your small Android smartphone using the free Adobe Spark Post app.

To be honest, Adobe Spark Post is not a complete graphics suite and we would not even think of comparing it with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, but for the quick or rush graphics work it is the perfect tool. It presents you with hundreds of templates grouped into various categories like featured, collages, seasonal, lifestyle, business, school, travel, food, craft, etc. These templates are designed by professionals working at Adobe so you are in good hands right from the start.

Adobe Spark Post

You can pick one of the templates and then you can remix it to create your own graphics image. During the “remixing” you can add your own images perhaps taken by your smartphone’s camera. You can add as many images as you want, for example, in a collage you are expected to add lots of pictures. After this you can change the design (template), choose a color palette, resize the project, change layout (the way images are placed in the project), and add various effects to your final image. If you want to change the text in the template, then you can simply tap on the text and edit it.

Adobe Spark Post

The final image can be  saved to the local storage on your phone or shared with others over social networks. It is a very high resolution image and looks good even after zooming 200%. This is great for printing posters for work, school or Instagram.

Adobe Spark Post can be downloaded from Google Play store at