FastFolders : Quickest Access to Files and Folders in Windows

Whenever you have to launch a program, view a picture or watch a video stored in your hard drive, you have to first open the File Explorer, open the drive and then keep opening the folders and sub-folders until you find the file. We have all got used to this process over all these years, but there is a much simpler and quicker way possible now through a free File Explorer extension called FastFolders.

FastFolders provides fast access to all the available drives and directories. After you have installed FastFolders, an additional option will appear when you right-click on any drive or folder in Windows File Explorer. The context-menu is labeled FastFolders and it provides much faster access to the desired drives and directories.


This extension works for any folder in Windows File Explorer but you can also right-click on the desktop or just the desktop icon on the desktop. If you select FastFolders, a cascading menu will be shown for the folder and its sub-folders depending on the hierarchical position of the folder selected folder. In addition the menu also contains shortcuts to the Favorites, Recently used items and the Desktop folders.

By default, access to all the volumes or drives and the system folders is immediately possible but you can change this in the settings. In addition, the extension allows direct selection of the sub-folders that are one step up and down in the hierarchical order of the folders. You can open any file using the sub-menu shown for a folder.


In the settings for the FastFolders, you can change whether you want tooltips to be displayed, the tooltip display speed, menu delay, whether to display hidden files or folders, whether to display system files or folders, whether to show Recently used items or Favorites folders, and more.

You can download FastFolders from

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  1. By far the best such program I’ve seen is Listary, It works with lots of other file managers and standard File Open/Close dialogs, as well as Windows Explorer, and has a vast wealth of other features as well. There are free and payware versions – I don’t keep up with the freeware because I’ve long had the payware version (hint; it’s sometimes on offer at Bits du Jour). If you must have freeware, try Hyperionics FileBox Extender

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