Get Weather Forecast in Web Browser with Weather Extension

The desire to check the weather rises up in two seasons – rainy season and the summers. We do not want to go out unprepared for both the seasons. We want to carry umbrella, raincoats and wear proper footwear when going out in the rains. Similarly, we want to protect ourselves with sunglasses, hats and a good SPF lotion. Even though you can use your smartphone to get all this information easily, if you are working on your desktop or laptop computer then you can get the weather forecast right inside your web browser using the Weather Extension.

Weather Extension (extension is part of the name of this browser add-on) is available for all the major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. After the installation of this extension, it automatically determines your geographic location using your IP address and displays the current temperature in the browser toolbar. You can also manually add any location yourself. You can click on this toolbar icon displays the current temperature to see the detailed weather information – current temperature, today’s maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed, precipitation, visibility, pressure, dew point, humidity, UV index and more.

Weather Extension for Browsers

Underneath all this information about the current weather conditions, it also displays the weather forecast for the next seven days along with the hour-by-hour weather forecast for today. If you click on the small satellite icon in the top-left corner of the pop-out, then it will display the local map of your location superimposed with weather related information like the clouds and the pressure.

In the settings of this extension, you can change language, theme, temperature unit, pressure unit, visibility unit, wind speed, time format, etc. Some of other advanced features are locked and require you to purchase a pro account license after which feature such as animated icons, severe weather alerts, rain alerts, are unlocked.

Weather Extension for Browsers

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