Forsaken Castle : Classic Adventure Game for Windows, Mac and Linux

If you have become tired of playing Fortnite everyday then you can take a break and enjoy something that reminds you of the past, something like Forsaken Castle. It is an old fashioned lightweight and cute game with its adorable 16-bit graphics. The game can be classified as exploration, adventure and action game. In the game, you play as Lily – a brave and fearless paladin who is going to fight the evil and put an end to the deadly creatures.

In the beginning of the game the protagonist Lily gets the news that undead has been seen near a village. The brave paladin goes there to investigate the matter and finds out that the undead has some connection to an abandoned castle. She reaches the castle to find that there are some lights inside the castle and the drawbridge is closed. Taking this as a sign of life inside the forsaken castle, she enters it and faces an unimaginable number of deadly creatures. Its up to you to help the brave paladin fight the evil and end the source of the undead. The game is not very difficult and provides you some lightweight entertainment in the old fashioned way.

Forsaken Castle

The game is not yet available on Steam, but you can download an Alpha release from the Duck Block games website, the developers of the game. The game supports game controllers as well as the keyboard keys. If you use the keyboard then it uses the same keys as some of the very old games for the movement – W, S, A, D, J, K L and the Spacebar.

Forsaken Castle

You can download Forsaken Castle from and when it is released on Steam, then you can get it from Steam simply by looking for Forsaken Castle or by visiting Steam in your web browser at