Gesturefy : Add Gesture Controlled Actions in Firefox

If there is one application that we use the most in the modern computers, it is the web browser. This is why it is important not only to pick a fast and secure web browser but also a browser that can be customized to great lengths by using the extensions and add-ons. This is why everyone loves Chrome and Firefox so much. And as far as Firefox browser is concerned, you can control it using mouse or touchpad gestures after you have installed the Gesturefy extension.

Gesturefy extension supports over different fifty actions for your web browser. You can use the pre-configured gestures such as “go back” and “refresh” or you can create your own gestures through the extension settings. In the settings, you can choose which of the mouse buttons should be used for drawing gestures on your screen. If you have a laptop then perhaps it would be more convenient if you use the left button. You can also choose to hold a key in order to suppress the gestures which is a good option when you don’t want the gestures to take any actions. The gestures are shown drawn on the screen by default but you can turn it off if you do not find it useful.


From the settings, you can enable, disable, and configure new gestures. Only one gesture per action can be used and you cannot have multiple actions per gesture. The extension provides a visual interactive way of creating your own gestures. You have to click on record button next to an action, draw the gesture on the screen and save it.


Gesturefy is a highly customizable extension for Firefox that enables gestures to be used for carrying out 50+ actions such as opening new tabs, refresh the webpage, go back in history and more. Other than the mouse gestures, it also supports mouse rocker and mouse wheel gestures.

You can get Gesturefy extension for Mozilla Firefox web browser from