Magic Mouse Trails Adds Bling to Mouse Pointer in Windows

Magic Mouse Trails is a small program for Windows that adds a little bling to your otherwise boring and plain mouse pointer in Windows. It is developed by the same people who have created numerous other small utilities to make life easier for the Windows’ users, for example, Mouse Pointer-Stick that turns the mouse pointer into a long stick which is useful for demonstrating something over a projector or large screen. The same developers have now created Magic Mouse Trails that shows a trail if stars, footballs or other colorful objects as your move your mouse pointer on the screen.

 Magic Mouse Trails

In the Magic Mouse Trails window, you can configure everything about how the beautiful trail appears behind the mouse pointer. You can change the theme (objects that trail the mouse pointer), speed, transparency level, rotation, intensity, size and the length of the trail. Some of these themes contain multiple objects or objects with different color. You can choose whether you want these objects to appear in the order they are placed in the theme or if you want to make them appear completely at random. You can also choose to automatically start it with Windows logon.

 Magic Mouse Trails

You can customize the themes for the Magic Mouse Trails. You have to select one of themes and then you can select which of the images should be added to that theme. It comes with fifty different image sets and you can add as many image sets to a theme to make them appear attractive.

 Magic Mouse Trails

Magic Mouse Trails is a very nice program that can basically turn your ordinary mouse pointer into a magic wand that displays the sparkle of stars and diamonds as you work with your PC. It can definitely add some extra bling to your boring Windows computer.

You can download Magic Mouse Trails

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