How to Add Qwant Search Engine in Chrome or Firefox Browser

In the latest version of the Vivaldi web browser, the developers have decided to use a relatively newer search engine called Qwant. It is a search engine based in Europe and promised to respect your privacy. It does not store any cookies on your computer, it does not keep any search history, it does not track your search engine usage and offers the privacy backed by the European Union laws. However, Qwant is not entirely independent or free – Qwant search results are based on Microsoft’s Bing search results and are influenced by changes in the Bing algorithm.

If you want to add Qwant search engine in Chrome or Firefox web browser, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. You will see a button labeled Install Qwant – click on this button.Qwant Search
  3. Depending on your web browser (Chrome or Firefox) it will install a different Qwant extension in your web browser.
  4. After the installation is complete, your web browser’s home page and search engine both are set to Qwant. It also adds an icon in the toolbar from where you can access the Qwant search and also enable the tracking protection.Qwant Search

Qwant has a different look but it provides a very similar interface as some of the other major search engines. One different thing in Qwant is that it allows you to filter search by music category just like you can filter search results by images, news, videos etc. Under the music filter category, you can find search results for albums, artists and can even listen to song samples. The song samples are fetched from Apple iTunes library and all the samples are 30 seconds long.

Qwant Search

If you cannot follow the above instructions perhaps because of the web design changes on Qwant, then you can go to these links directly:

Qwant add-on for Firefox:

Qwant extension for Chrome: