XE Currency : Find Currency Exchange Rates in Android

Whether you visit a foreign country for pleasure, for work or for education, you will have to do the currency conversion math in your head innumerable number of times. While search engines like Bing have made it very easy, but an app called XE Currency is even easier. You do not have to type and search for anything, you can just launch the app and enter the amount that you want to convert and it will display that amount in your local currency converted to various foreign currencies of the world. Unlike some other similar apps, XE Currency uses the fresh exchange rates taken from the live mid-markets which makes it much more reliable and up-to-date informational source for the currency rates.

XE Currency

By default, it shows up with US Dollar is the currency to be converted and for target conversion it selects four other popular currencies – Euro, British Pound, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. You can long tap on any of these target currencies and drag them to the red area to remove them. For adding any new currencies, just tap on the small plus icon and select the currencies from a huge list of world currencies that you want for conversion. You can find the currencies listed by popularity, by currency code (such as USD or PHP) or by the countries.

XE Currency

In the settings of the app you can make it auto-update the latest currency rates, make it reset when you shake your phone, display currency symbols along side the various currency codes, choose how many decimals to be displayed for better accuracy of the conversion, and more. As if the app is not already simple enough to use, they also provide comprehensive help to assist you in using this to its maximum potential.

You can download XE Currency app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xe.currency.