How to Enable Dark and Light Themes in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, the latest version 61, offers two in-built themes now – a dark theme and a light theme. You can enable these themes to reduce the stress on your eyes when using your computer at late night or when there is not enough ambient light in the room. The dark theme switches the entire interface to black and only webpage are allowed to have their own color schemes. The light theme uses grey as the color for the Firefox interface. Here is how you can enable these new themes:

Note: These steps apply only to Firefox version 61.0 (and perhaps any future versions). If you have not yet updated to the new version of Firefox, then you can download the new version by visiting

  1. Launch Firefox web browser and enter about:addons in the address bar. You can also click on the menu icon near the top-right corner of Firefox window and select Add-ons from the menu.
  2. Select the Themes section from the left side.Firefox Dark Theme
  3. You will see three themes in the list of installed themes – Default, Dark and Light. You can click on the Enable button against any of these themes to enable and apply them.Firefox Light Theme

When you enable the Dark theme, Firefox toolbar gets the black interface everywhere. Similarly, when you enable the Light theme, Firefox toolbar gets the grey appearance. Mozilla Firefox shows up exactly the same in the webpage area – the themes are applied only in the window frame, toolbar and the tabs area.

You can download many more themes for Firefox web browser from the website that has thousands of fans-created themes for download.