Record Audio in Windows with RecordPad

If you have microphone and a standard Windows computer, then you can start recording audio with the help of NCH RecordPad software easily. It is a free recording software that makes it very easy to record sound and save the recordings as WAV, MP3 and AIFF audio files. Compared to some similar recording software that is limited in terms of the length of audio that you can record, RecordPad is able to record infinitely and is limited only by the space available on your hard drive.

As soon as you launch RecordPad, it runs the audio setup wizard through which you can select the audio source for recording and set the volume level. You can also check whether the audio from the selected source is being captured by Windows. This wizard is run only the first time RecordPad is launched. But you can manually run this wizard at any later time by selecting File → Run Audio Setup Wizard from the menubar.


The main window of RecordPad shows the input or source of the audio being recorded (for example, your microphone), output format and location for saving the recording and a small toolbar containing all the recording buttons – from here you can click on the record or stop buttons to start or stop the recording. You can select from three audio formats – WAV, MP3 and AIFF. For each of these formats, you can further select the options for encoding the files etc.


In the RecordPad options, you can choose the recording input device, recording  volume, recording input channel, the dB value for auto-activating the recording, set the maximum recording time, transmit the recordings to FTP server, send the recordings by email message, send them to be processed by third-party program, set program hotkeys, set the audio output settings and more.


RecordPad is certainly a very easy-to-use recording software for the Windows users. It packs all the necessary features that an average Windows user might ask for.

You can download RecordPad from