How to Make Any PC Windows Hello Compatible

Windows Hello is a new feature that was introduced in Windows 10 and it enables the users to authenticate themselves using biometric identification such as fingerprints, face or iris of your eyes. If your Windows PC does not have this option, then your PC lacks the hardware needed for enabling Windows Hello.

Computers that come with in-built fingerprint scanners or HD webcams can use Windows Hello without any problem. But what if your PC does not have this hardware? You cannot just buy any fingerprint scanner or webcam and attach it to your PC to enable Windows Hello. The hardware must be Windows Hello compatible.

Here are three ways to make any PC compatible with Windows Hello:

1. Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Manufactured by Microsoft, this Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID is guaranteed to work with Windows Hello. It is wireless and also comes with a USB cable. The fingerprint sensor is hidden under a special key by the side of the right-alt key. Using it is very easy – first you have to attach it using the cable, pair it with your PC, enable biometric authentication for one or more Windows users and then you can remove the cable to use the keyboard wirelessly. It comes with a manual with complete instructions.

Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

2. Kensington Verimark Fingerprint Key

It looks like a small USB pendrive and fits in any USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports of your PC. It offers 360 degree fingerprint scanning which ensures that no matter how you put your finger on the dongle scanning area, it always scans it correctly. It is very small and you can easily remove it to carry it with you. Removing Kensignton Fingerprint Key from your PC instantly makes it impossible for anyone to sign-in to your Windows user account.

VeriMark Fingerprint Key

3. Logitech 4k Pro Webcam

If you want to enable biometric authentication using face recognition and iris scan, then you will have to invest in a very high-resolution camera like Logitech 4K Pro webcam. It is able to capture images in 4K resolution and can auto-focus on your eyes. And above all, it is recommended by the Redmond giant itself.

Logitech 4K Pro Webcam

Using any one of these methods, you can enable Windows Hello in any PC that is running the latest version of Windows 10.