Play Amiga Game Mirror Magic on Windows and Android

Mirror Magic is a game that was first released for Amiga systems in 1989. The developers kept releasing updates for new operating systems for many years but stopped in 2003. And now after a long gap of 15 years, they have once again released updates to this puzzle game – the game works and looks exactly the same but now works on Windows 10, Mac OS and Android. Moreover, the new update of Mirror Magic now supports full-screen mode and scalable window size.

The game is a basic puzzle game that works almost the same way as another popular game titled Deflector. In the game, the great magician Mc Duffin sends a beam of light and a number of men holding mirrors have to deflect the beam of light by changing the way they hold the mirror in their hands. You have to keep changing the mirror angles and the light beam path to do two things – destroy the unwanted objects and hit the beam of light on the exit door. As you hit the exit door, you are moved to the next level.

Mirror Magic

In the later levels, the beam of light and the deflectors take different forms. For each new level, it makes things a little complicated. For example, in some levels the mirrors are rotating by themselves and it makes it very difficult to find the right combination of mirror angles to complete the level.

Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic 3.0 is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. An older version is also available for Amiga and DOS. But there is no point in using the older versions as the new updated version is exactly the same in terms of the graphics and the game play. The download is only 4 MB for Windows version of the game.

You can download Mirror Magic for your operating system from