How to Permanently Close Your Amazon Account

Amazon is world’s most popular online shopping platform from where you can buy almost anything that is not prohibited by the local jurisdiction. People all around the globe enjoy shopping from Amazon everyday as the online shopping and delivery experience is almost unmatched in the world. And if you pay a little extra to become an Amazon Prime subscriber then you can avail yourself some exclusive offers not to mention a much speedier delivery of your purchases.

But despite all of these wonderful things, some people still want to close their Amazon account for one reason or another. Here is how you can do this quickly in a few minutes:

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Enter your Amazon sign-in information. You will have to login to your Amazon account and verify your mobile number in order to reach the contact page.
  3. On the “contact us” page, you have to finish three steps – in the first step “What we can help you with?”, select Prime or something else.Close Amazon Account
  4. In the second step, select the issue – Login and security and select issue details – Close my account.
  5. In the third step, select one of the contact methods – email, phone or online chat. The “online chat” method is usually the fastest.Close Amazon Account
  6. When you contact an Amazon representative, explain to them why you want to close your Amazon account and they will take you through the rest of the steps. Your account will be closed in next 24 hours.

After your Amazon account has been closed, you lose all the access associated with your Amazon account including the digital content (Amazon Music, Amazon Prime etc), access to customer profile (your reviews, comments etc), access to your account history, access to the refunds and the order details. You can read more about what you will lose by visiting

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