Pictor : Easy and Fast Image Editor for Windows

When people think of editing pictures in a Windows PC, they either think of the MS Paint program (3D version of which is now available from Microsoft App Store), Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. But the first one (MS Paint) is a very basic image editor and does not have all the features a modern PC user would expect from a standard image editor. And the other two (Photoshop and GIMP) are simply too powerful for casual and quick editing of a few images.

If you want a powerful, fast and yet small image editor then you can depend on Pictor. It offers the most common editing features that you will find in almost all the image editors but also packs some other powerful features that can be found only in top ten image editors. For example, the ability of adding text along a circular path is possible only in the image editors like Photoshop and GIMP.

Pictor Image Editor

Among the numerous features that cannot be all described here are the ability to resize and crop images, make color adjustments, flip images, crop images,  add image frames, erase images in a variety of ways, add color effects, add text or free pen drawings, view image histogram information and more.

Moreover, it can also perform some of the batch operations through which you can apply these effects or operations to a number of images at the same time. For the batch operations, you can use the operations like images format conversion, resize, rotate & flip, and crop.

Pictor less than 1 MB download and it packs both the basic as well as advanced features. It can work with many of the popular image formats including BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF and PNG. It is ideal for quick and intermediate level image editing.

You can download Pictor image editor from http://www.filefriend.net/.