How to Try New Material Design 2 UI in Google Chrome Browser

News is that Google is working on a new user interface for the Google Chrome web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. This new revised look is being nicknamed “Material Design 2”. This new look makes everything more rounder – buttons, tabs, toolbar icons and more. This makes it look somewhat like the various applications of Mac OS. Even though this new look has not been released officially by Google, you can still try it out.

In order to try this “Material Design 2” you must have installed the latest version of  Chrome web browser. It works only in the version 68 or later of the release channel or the beta version channel. After installing any of these versions of Google Chrome, you can follow these steps to try out the new UI:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser.
  2. Enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar to open the experimental features section.
  3. Search for UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome.Try Chrome's New User Interface
  4. Click on the small drop-down list and select Refresh from the options.
  5. Click on Relaunch Now button when it appears.

When Chrome is restarted, you should be able to use the new user interface. If you have a touchscreen device, then you can also select Touchable Refresh in the step 4 above.

The new user interface has rounded everything including rounded tabs, a rounded address bar, rounded “not secure” badge and the login icon has been moved next to the address bar.

Try Chrome's New User Interface

Google is always experimenting with new features as newer versions of the Chrome browser are released. This time they have started modifying the user interface of Chrome. Even though the new “Material Design 2” is still not officially released and is available only through the experimental features section, it shows the future of the Chrome web browser as it would look in the upcoming months or years.