HTTPS Checker Finds Issues with HTTPS Mixed Content Problem for Websites

Google Chrome’s newer versions are now displaying warning if you access a non-encrypted website that does not use any SSL certificate to encrypt the connection between the user and the server. They had announced it back in 2016 and now in July 2018, they have finally started to display this warning.

Because of this, many website owners are hurrying up and buying SSL certificated for their websites and installing them quickly. But in their hurry they often make mistakes and the SSL certificates getting installing incorrectly, or the HTTPS protocol not being enforced for all the links and pages on their websites. This means that even after you have paid for and installed the SSL certificate, you will still see a warning in the Chrome browser.

You can use the HTTPSChecker tool to find problems with the SSL certificate and HTTPS enforcement in your website or any other website. This tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is available in the free version and a paid pro version. The free version gives you only some basic details and the advanced options are only available in the paid version.

HTTPS Checker

In this tool, you can type in the domain name that you want to check, choose a mode to check and click on the Run button to start the test. There are four modes – strict mode that checks for everything, strict mode without hyperlinks & redirects, mixed content only and Chrome not secure warning only.

This tool is not meant for very large websites as it cannot possibly got through thousands of pages, links and redirected content even in a few hours. But it is ideal for smaller websites that have a few hundred pages and links – it can check them all and show you the report in a few minutes.

HTTPS Checker

In the report it can display whether the SSL certificate is valid and properly installed, whether all the links, images and other content is being displayed over HTTPS protocol only etc. If it finds a problem, then you can analyze it further and work on the suggestions to fix it.

You can download HTTPS Checker from