Play Doom in ASCII mode with 1337d00m

Doom is a video game from the 90s that changed the way people played games. Unlike other popular games of the early 90s, Doom was one of the first games that used three dimensional graphics for the very first time. The first person shooter became an instant hit and millions of the copies of the game were sold all over the world. If you have never played this game, then you can experience a demo version of Doom still available somewhere on the internet. Later many other versions of Doom were released primarily to support the rapidly changing hardware and operating systems.

And now after the original developer of Doom has released the source code of Doom 1, people have been having fun porting it to different operating systems, adding new features, new graphics and more. One of the developers has tinkered with Doom to turn it into an entirely ASCII – that is, the original graphics are now rendered using the ASCII characters on your screen. This Doom is being called 1337d00m.

Doom in ASCII Mode

This is similar to what a hacker who went by the nickname Neo started to see how Matrix looked like in the code format in the Matrix trilogy movies. This is not a bad comparison especially because the developer (Dario Zubovic) himself describes 1337d00m as a hacker version of Doom.

You can download a version of 1337d00m that works on your computer. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes with everything you need to play in the same package. This game’s graphics might not look very appealing to everyone and could even be very confusing. But for some other people (perhaps the ones who indulge in overnight hacking activities) this game would provide a challenge and they will enjoy it for sure.

You can download 1337d00m from